Paper Box For Packaging



1, Environmentally friendly and easy to recycle, all paper, using environmentally friendly glue, 100% recycling and recycling

2, High strength, no fumigation, completely replace the wood, the strength can be compared with wood, can effectively protect the goods;

3, Light weight is suitable for air transportation, the weight of the year is 1/5 of the wood, the expenditure of the freight is greatly reduced, and the economic benefits are obvious;

4, Fast customs clearance

5, We accept customeized print patterns and text, can make product color and convenient delivery

6. According to the requirements of customers and the characteristics of the products, we can design cartons of various specifications, also accept small batch orders.

7, It can be stacked

Product introduction

Paper carton, also known as honeycomb boxes, are the most widely used packaging methods for foreign purchases. They not only meet the requirements for the full closure of some commodities, but also eliminate fumigation and sanitary quarantine, and speed up the turnover of logistics and transportation. Reduced expenses related to some related expenses.


It is easy to use, flexible in design and design, and can be designed according to the packaging process of different products. Widely used in medical equipment, optoelectronic products, sanitary products, precision molds, high-end machinery, furniture, etc.