Paper Pallet



1. High compressive strength, good rigidity, maximum dynamic load of 2.0 tons, easy to mechanized loading and unloading, is the first choice for export enterprises. The ideal product for paper substitute wood.

2, Paper pallet, green, free inspection, free fumigation. Save relevant customs clearance fees and time. It also saves transportation costs and is light and convenient to operate.

3, Light weight, easy to use, is a renewable resource.

Product introduction

The paper tray (paper pallet) is made of honeycomb panels and pillars and edge papers. It is a revolutionary green new product in the packaging industry. The paper pallet can be 100% recycled and reused, the outlet is free from fumigation and disinfection, and the customs can be quickly cleared, which greatly saves customs clearance time and cost. The paper pallet has strong bearing capacity, the static load per square meter can reach more than 2000KG, and the dynamic load can reach 1000KG or above, which can replace wooden pallets, plywood pallets and plastic pallets.


Commonly used specifications are 1100×1100×130mm, 1200×1000×130mm, 1200×800×130mm, etc. Widely used in warehousing and logistics centers, electronic equipment, furniture, medical equipment, auto parts, furniture, motorcycles, food, medicine, post office, aviation and other industries packaging and transportation. It is a new weapon for one-time export.

Product variety: heavy duty bi-directional fork paper pallet, heavy duty four-way fork paper pallet, extra-duty four-way fork paper pallet, paper pallet.