Paper Slip Sheet



The paper slip sheet saves customers the cost of purchasing, storing, and repairing pallets. 

It also increases the utilization rate of warehouses or containers and increases the efficiency of enterprises.

Product introduction

In the worldwide circulation of goods, as the slip sheet system replaces the traditional application of pallet handling in the logistics handling process, the palletless shipment of goods becomes more and more important, which makes the purchase and management of freight pallets redundant. It also contributes to the optimal use of warehouses and containers. Slip-Sheets (slip sheet) produced by Aoli Pack are available in two materials: kraft slip sheet and HDPE plastic slip sheet. A dedicated handling tool push/pulls is used to provide a satisfactory solution for this palletless handling operation. The purchase cost of ordinary pallets is much higher than that of paper slip sheet or plastic slip sheet. With the implementation of the new FAO ISPM 15 (Guidelines for the Management of Wood Packaging Materials in International Trade) on a global scale, wooden pallet manufacturers can only offset the additional handling costs by increasing the price of the product, as some European and American countries have strictly requirements for wooden packaging export materials such as pallets, which require multiple quarantine procedures, which are cumbersome and costly. These problems can be avoided by using slip sheet, which greatly reduces the simplification of storage, transportation, loading and unloading procedures, and cumbersome fumigation. The quarantine inspection procedures are all omitted, which saves the customer the cost of purchasing, storing, and repairing the pallet. It also increases the utilization rate of warehouses or containers and increases the efficiency of enterprises.


The cost of investment

You only need to purchase a push/pulls and install it on your existing forklift to work with the slipper. The market price of our push/pull is generally around RMB 60,000-70,000. This is the cost of one-time investment. If your original use of pallets is 500 pieces/month and you use a slip sheet, then every month can save the turnover material cost of at least 20,000 yuan. After 5 months, the cost of the push/pulls can be collected, and the annual turnover cost will be saved by 240,000 yuan.



Application range: suitable for the following typical conditions

Bagged goods (such as cement, grain, fertilizer, plastic particles, feed, petrochemicals, tons of bags, etc.)

Boxed goods (such as cartons, food, electronics, hardware, furniture, tobacco, beverage mineral water, textiles, etc.)

Glass bottled goods (such as beer, beverages, cans, etc.)



Slip Sheet System

Principle of operation: Unit cargo is placed on a slip sheet (a paper or plastic slip sheet with high strength tensile and tear resistance). The push/pull mounted on the forklift uses its pressing mechanism to press the slide, the connecting rod The mechanism retracts the loaded cargo-loaded slide onto the pallet to achieve forklifting of the cargo. After reaching the designated location, the pallet carrying the cargo is lowered to a certain height with the forklift; the linkage mechanism is opened, and the baffle connected with the pressing mechanism pushes the cargo away from the support, and the forklift travels backward, thereby Achieve the function of "launched" goods.

This system requires a forklift truck with push/pull, which does not require pallets for transportation and storage. It is very suitable for export shipping in container shipping and large group companies. This system has been widely used in developed countries such as Europe, America and Japan. Due to the unparalleled standard of this system, it saves space, high efficiency, and low cost. It will surely become the ultimate way of international transportation in the future.

The slip sheet can also increase the cargo load rate of the container. The height of wood pallet is generally 4 inches, and the use of paper slip sheet can save 4 inches. The internal volume of a container is 28 cubic meters, and the use of paper slip sheet can save a total of about 3 to 4 cubic meters of space, about 10% of the entire box space. Such a 20 cabinet can save about $120 in cost.