Flexible strapping (polyester tape)



1, Strong pull

2, High impact resistance

3, High buckle strength

4, Use security

5, Do not hurt the product

6, No rust does not deteriorate

7, Cost savings

Product introduction

Flexible strapping (polyester tape)

The flexible strapping is made of multi-strand polymer polyester textile fiber, which can absorb the vibration during transportation, thus ensuring the excellent impact resistance of the cargo in long-distance transportation. It is currently effective to solve the container transportation safety protection system. Preferred. They can be used to bind and secure goods in a safe, fast and economical way instead of steel straps. Benefiting from the softness and toughness of the strap, it can be easily folded and applied to a special buckle. Use in conjunction with a filled air bag to maximize the protection of your cargo during transport.

Performance advantage

Strong tension:

High tensile strength, can withstand 0.5-8.5 tons of tensile force, can replace the traditional steel belt.

High impact resistance:

Due to its ductility and recovery after deformation, flexible strapping can absorb impact energy better than steel strip and does not become loose after the cargo shrinks or expands.

High buckle strength:

The flexible strapping features a steel buckle that is the strongest connection and can be tightened repeatedly; in some applications, the strap can be reused.

Safe to use:

It is lightweight and soft, does not require gloves to work; it does not bounce when it is cut, injuring transport workers and customers;

Because of its soft texture, the flexible strapping is also very easy to handle;

There are no sharp corners that will not damage the forklift tires during storage.

Do not hurt the product:

The flexible strapping protects the surface of the product from scratches.

No rust does not deteriorate:

It can withstand changes in various climatic conditions and will never contaminate your products.

Cost saving:

Flexible strapping is a very cost effective option considering the hidden costs of all steel strips;

The cost of the packaging tool is low - just a simple tool, with little wear and low maintenance costs.