Air column bag



Multi-column design provides protection even when a single air column breaks.

Suitable for all product shapes.

Anti-wet, moisture-proof, anti- 7.l <i: Man.

A full range of air column cushioning protection to minimize the damage rate of the goods.

Save storage space for packaging materials and reduce transportation costs.

A new type of packaging filled with natural air.

Transparent, close-fitting, and sophisticated design enhances the image of products and businesses.

Non-toxic, non-polluting products, can recycle environmentally friendly materials.

Product introduction

Air column packaging bags are new packaging materials, which are the most economical and environmentally friendly packaging materials and the first choice for replacing traditional packaging materials. It uses an air column to make a synthetic cushioning kit with a 2cm-4cm air cylinder. The air column is inflated by 65% to form a natural buffer, which is connected to a separate air column to form an optimal cushioning package around the object.

Made of high-tech and environmentally friendly materials, it is completely flat before being inflated, reducing the occupation of huge space during transportation, reducing transportation loss, reducing transportation costs, storage costs and packaging costs. it can replace existing inner packaging materials, such as Polylon, EPE, corrugated paper, pulp molding and other internal packaging materials, not only environmental protection, cost saving, improve production line efficiency and provide the most complete seismic protection of products. The non-inflated air column bag is completely flat, light in weight and small in size, and can provide the same seismic protection of the product with a smaller volume, which greatly saves the cost of materials and goods storage and transportation, and reduces the packaging process to save manpower.

The air column bag is excellent in cushioning, and the single gas packaging bag can bear the weight of 60-120KG without breaking, and can also avoid the loss caused by the displacement during transportation. In addition, the raw materials used in the buffer air bag are not tested for toxic substances and toxic metals by SGS, which meets environmental protection requirements. Raw materials or finished products are clean and non-polluting, regardless of production, use, placement, recycling, etc.

Air column packaging bag is currently widely used in new anti-counterfeiting packaging, electronic product packaging, alcohol packaging, green environmental protection materials, buffer packaging, home appliance packaging, alcohol anti-counterfeiting packaging, computer packaging, new packaging materials, precision instrument packaging.


Low cost

Air column packaging bag consists of 99% air and 1% material film. It is completely flat before use and does not occupy space. It can save a lot of storage and storage costs. Under normal conditions of use, air column bags can save you 20% - 40%.

Saving space

Air column packaging bag is completely flattened, light in weight and small in volume before being inflated, and only accounts for 1/250 of the volume after inflation.


The air column packaging bag has excellent support, and a single air column bag can withstand a weight of 60 - 120kg without breaking. It can truly protect the packaged product. Compared with the traditional filling, it will not cause the goods to be damaged during the transportation process due to the large gap in the inner box. At the same time, even if it is subjected to external force extrusion, the air column packaging bag can be designed with air cushions to disperse the pressure to avoid damage.

Recyclable, non-staining

The raw materials used in air column packaging bag are not tested for toxic substances and toxic heavy metals by SGS, which is in line with environmental protection. No matter whether it is produced, used, placed or recycled, it will not cause any pollution, truly environmentally friendly products.