Ratchet belt



1. Save time and effort, container strapping can be used to make a huge binding force and fast unloading.

2, Safe and durable, it is made of special steel for the machine parts, strong acid and alkali resistant fiber materials.

3, Easy to operate, instantly tied tightly, never fall off, instantly loosened, easy to operate, easy to recycle lashing, does not take up space.

4, Does not hurt the goods, it is made of fiber material flat ribbon, the force points are scattered, soft, and never hurt the goods.

Fixed functions when transporting, moving, shipping or storing goods. They have a locking function and will not fall off. They are safe, reliable, light and easy to operate, and protect objects from damage.

Product introduction

Ratchet belt

The ratchet belt, also known as the cargo strapping, is a fixed function used in the transportation, movement, shipment or storage of goods. They have a locking property and do not fall off. They are safe, reliable, light and easy to operate, and protect objects from damage. It can be applied to various environments according to different hook types. Also known as bundles, fasteners, fastening straps, military straps


(1) The ratchet belts are heat-treated in various hardware accessories, and professional testing and simple operation methods ensure safe use.

(2) The ratchet belt is made of high-strength polyester yarn, which has low water absorption and is suitable for natural environment. It is suitable for use in transportation of various items with professional tools.

(3) Each belt has a black stripe indicating the breaking strength. The company can decide whether or not to have black stripes and how many black stripes to take according to customer requirements.

(4) Ratchet belt is widely used in logistics enterprises, military transportation, and bundled goods during train transportation. It is suitable for fastening and binding various objects to prevent loose use.


1) Only use the unbroken strap, the label can clearly identify the product's workload.

2) Can not be overloaded.

3) Do not knot the webbing when using.

4) When using, please try to avoid the sharp edges and edges of the webbing to avoid wear and tear.