Anti-slip Paper Sheet



Reduce sliding between pallets and make cargo loading more stable;

Replacing the winding film used once, saving procurement costs;

Make the stacking method more flexible: the flushing stacking method can be used to make the carton carrying capacity larger, and the palletizing operation efficiency of the worker can be improved, saving time and labor;

Recyclable, depending on the actual situation, 5-10 tray processes can be used;

It has a water-repellent function to help the cargo moisture-proof;

Easy to use - can be artificially laid or machined;

Particularly suitable for mixed palletizing of different products;

It can be recycled and reused as an environmentally friendly packaging material.

Anti-slip paper is suitable for stacking goods in various packages: carton, plastic box, paper bag, glassware, metal products, rubber products, wood products and more materials.

Product introduction

The anti-slip paper is a special paper successfully developed after the slip sheet by Aoli Pack. It can be inserted between goods and goods, goods and pallets, play the role of anti-slip and protect products, prevent the goods from slipping or collapsing during the handling process, so that the pallet stacking is always neat and beautiful, reducing the chance of damage.


This product is a pulp-made cattle cardboard with a coating of aqueous solution, the weight of which is 70-300. This product can be recycled and reused, no ash, non-toxic, in line with the specifications of food and daily necessities. The buttercup can reliably prevent the slip of the goods, and the strength is high, and the temperature tolerance can be from -20 to +70 °C.

Application type

This product is mainly used as the middle cushion of the tray, and a piece of anti-slip paper is placed between the layers of the goods, thus preventing the sliding of the bag or the carton. It can also be used as an external cover for the secondary packaging. Used in the furniture industry as an intermediate cushion for veneer furniture parts.

Supply mode

The standard specification is 1000*1000mm European flat sheet specifications. Special specifications can also be customized according to customer requirements.