Forklift push/pulls



1. The overall structure of the push/pulls is broad, dexterous and easy to operate.

2. Carry out the pallet-free loading and unloading operation of the goods, and use the low-cost vertical sliding plate to solve the pallet storage space.

3. The alloy fork plate is durable, smooth and smooth, and can avoid damage to the cargo at the contact area of the skateboard during operation.

4. Utilizing highly simple hydraulic components, the configuration is reasonable, so that the hydraulic pressure is well protected and the service life is long.

5. The overall material is made of high-strength alloy material.

6. When the forklift is working on the wooden pallet, it is only necessary to close the pull plate and use it directly. No need to disassemble the push/pulls.

Product introduction

The push/pull device is used to carry goods placed on the skateboard for efficient and low-maintenance handling and stacking operations. It can be divided into 3 types: fork plate can be skateboard retractable type, slide adjustable type, block type. (The skateboard retractable push/pull device is compatible with the slip sheet which produced by our company in the all industry.)

Slip sheet system: It system requires a forklift with push/pull, which does not require pallets for transportation and storage. It is ideal for shipping and cargo transportation inside the company.

Slip sheet system has been widely used in developed countries such as Europe, America and Japan. Due to the unparalleled standard of this system, space saving and low cost will become the ultimate way of international transportation in the future.

◆Investment cost: You only need to buy a push/pull device to install on your existing forklift, then can work with the slip sheet. The market price of push/pull equipment is generally around 60-70,000 yuan, which is the cost of one-time investment. Because the unit price per square of the slip sheet is 20% of the unit price of the pallet. If you use a slip sheet, you can reduce your purchase cost by 80%. If your original purchase of pallets is 500 pieces/month and you use a slip sheet, can save at least 20,000 yuan per month on the cost of turnover materials. The cost of the push/pull can be recovered after 3 months, and the annual turnover cost of 240,000 yuan will be saved each year.

Application range: suitable for the following typical conditions

Bagged goods (such as cement, grain, salt, chemical raw materials, feed, container bags, tons of bags, etc.)

Boxed goods (such as cartons, food, electronic hardware, furniture, tobacco and alcohol, building materials, textiles, printing, etc.)

Since some European and American countries have strictly requirements for wood packaging and other wood packaging export materials, multiple quarantine procedures are required, which is cumbersome and costly. Our new pallet-slip sheet can avoid these problems, saving time and cost.

Slip sheet also increase the cargo loading rate of the container. The height of the general pallet is 4 inches, and the use of slip sheet can save 4 inches. The internal volume of a container is 28 cubic meters, and the use of slip sheet can save a total of about 3 to 4 cubic meters of space, about 10% of the entire box space. Thus a 20 cabinet can save about $120 in cost.